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Please use site built-in comment system wherever appropriate. For private messages, please use following addresses:

thomas (dot) radleff (at) gmx (dot) at

melita (dot) ivkovic (at) gmail (dot) com 

Old entries:

15.09.2003. 23:16 (GMT+1)
From: Robert Praetorius (
I’d just like to encourage anyone who can make it to a concert to hear the Brentano Quartet’s “Bach Perspectives.” They’ve arranged 10 fugues from DKdF for string quartet and commissioned living composers to give their own reactions to DKdF. I’ve never enjoyed a concert of 20th century music more (perhaps the continuing interjections of DKdF buoyed my spirits:-). URLs for a brief description, program notes, and tour schedule follow.

28.05.2003. 06:00 (GMT+1)
From: Bradley Brookshire (
I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my new interactive CD-ROM of the Art of the Fugue. My performance, on a copy of the 1738 Christian Vater harpsichord, will be accompanied by a scrolling score in open score format in which the thematic voices are in contrasting colors. A running textual analysis accompanies the score. The hearer/viewer may click on any measure of the score and be taken to glossary pages, descriptions of the workings of fugal counterpoint, etc. Counterpoint games and a comprehensive, up-to-date bibliography accompany the tutorial.

I will give 10 concerts of Art of the Fugue in the New York City are during the months of September through November, 2003, as part of the release festivities. Release is currently scheduled for November 1, 2003.

28.12.2002. 13:52 (GMT+1)
From: henk van zonneveld (
Dear Thomas Radleff,
A very interesting website!!
May I invite you to visit my personal website?
[until now it is only in Dutch]
A few years ago I made recordings of the manuscript-version of The Art of Fugue and also of the last Fugue.
with kind regards,
Henk van Zonneveld

26.10.2002. 21:42 (GMT+1)
From: José Marcos Thalenberg (
Dear Thomas
I’ve heard the Keller Quartet and it was great! Bach met Kurtag and they became good friends… Two “economical” composers, presented in an inteligent and well blended way. As you reminded, András Keller’s breathing gives a human, organic touch to the performance. Their Last Fuge is unique! It’s good to be alive because of moments like that. Yours sincerely José Marcos Thalenberg São Paulo, Brazil

21.10.2002. 02:20 (GMT+1)
From: José Marcos Thalenberg (
Dear Thomas
Keller Quartet is now in São Paulo, Brazil, to play DKdF and Kurtag. I’m anxious to hear their interpretation after I read your comments about them. Thanks! JMT

22.06.2002. 16:46 (GMT+1)
From: Francis Browne
Message: A most interesting and individual site. It is clearly a labour of love and not unworthy of its incomparably beautiful and fascinating subject. The reviews of recordings and books seem particularly useful, and I hope will be expanded.
To be explored and to be returned to.

03.04.2002. 11:53 (GMT+1)
From: Thomas Radleff
Jordi Savall´s 1986 recording of DKdF has been digitally remastered & re-edited last year. Does anybody know both releases and give some impression about the difference?